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Recording a real, high quality orchestra for your project will provide you with a quality boost in the final result. Doesn't matter if you only need to record a small orchestra track or a big and colourful score, Rock Symphony® is what you are looking for. We are specialized in modern music recording and we offer a huge line-up versatility in order to adapt to any musical genre.  From rough Heavy Metal to Pop music, we fit your needs and budget.



It's time to perform a great show, to open a new chapter in your band's history. You want to play an unforgettable show for your fans with a whole real orchestra playing with you in the stage. The show will be powerful and amazing and the audience will love it.


This is our job, we are expert and experienced when playng in any kind of shows and won't fear loud distorted guitars nor monster drumsets with five kick drums. We adapt our line-up depending on your demandings, stage characteristics and budget.


Our wide experience makes us reliable and professional when working in live shows, soundchecks, adapting to scenarios, resolving technical issues  and more.  We are fully aware of the technical difficulties of productions like this and we always offer a big professionality and diligent work to make the things as easiest as possible before, during and after the show.


We are here to help you scoring and arranging your music. If you have a project or a tune and you wish to create a good and colourful arrangement to join your music with, let us do it for you. We offer our experiencie and music Maestros to create scores for any music genre, line-up and orchestration. Don't hesitate and bring us your songs and ideas, we will work to create nice and cool arrangements that will bring your compositions to a whole new level.

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